Blast16 is an emulation frontend that turns your Raspberry Pi into a Mega Drive Mini. As a matter of fact, it was temporarily considered by Sega to be the official Mega Drive Mini frontend, but it had to be discarded because the release was close and there was no time for integrating and testing it properly.



Blast16’s SNES version. Unlike Blast16, it lets you select an emulator for each game.

THE POWER OF 2 (unfinished)

Classic style puzzle game for touch devices developed in Unity, with math mechanics and items.

SPIRAL SQUAD (unfinished)

Classic 2D pixel art platformer game, first programmed under Love2D framework, then reworked on Unity. The character and all its sprites were created by me, physics engine was developed from scratch, sound effects are free access, and music and stage artwork are borrowed from other games just for this demo.

TREASURE HUNTER (finished, not released)

Sliding puzzle for touch devices, developed on MOAI framework. The goal was getting the best features from existing mobile games and try to improve in several areas like UX and graphics.